Our Management

Hamood Salim Al Hashmi


Hamood is a results driven and passionate entrepreneur with proven abilities to develop business ventures and converting opportunities into successes. He holds interest in several businesses in the areas of oil and gas, commodity trading, mining and property development.
He has strong interpersonal skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and plays a pivotal role in advising the Ministry of Oil and Gas, Sultanate of Oman on various international oil and gas ventures.
He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Management.

David Holtom

Vice Chairman

A highly successful leader and entrepreneur, with extensive global experience in international relations and corporate business. Possessing excellent communication skills and able to establish sustainable and profitable relationships with clients, suppliers and stakeholders across the world.
He holds interest in various companies specialising in oil and gas, aviation and commodity trading.

Ali Izhar Ahmad


Ali Izhar is a seasoned and highly motivated individual with extensive business exposure in the oil and gas industry.
He started his career as a quantity and quality surveyor in 1988. Equipped with more than 18 years experience in the inspection business, he is an expert in the area of petroleum product specifications and requirements and was instrumental in setting up and managing a number of oil and gas trading companies.
Having a complete understanding of the business, he is now entrusted to manage the day to day operations of the business.

Kamsani Samion

Terminal Director

Kamsani specializes in terminalling activities and value chain optimization. He completed various strategic reviews and implement changes in the organization and advised the management numerous major strategy-related initiatives resulted in acquisitions, restructuring, formation of JVs, joint operations and disposition of terminal assets.
He has vast experience working in the Corporate office in USA and assigned to various projects including assessment of refinery RFCC upgrading and commercialization of terminalling activities. His regional responsibility on terminal operations and optimization covers Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cambodia and New Zealand. He implemented value chain and profitability in Thailand and Philippines and disposal of tail end terminals. He worked in Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia for 4 years as a General Manager, Logistics.
Kamsani holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Aberdeen University and an MBA from Leicester University specializing in Strategy Management and International Marketing.

Rosli Mohamad

Trading Manager

Rosli started his career with Caltex Singapore and he brings with him more than 30 years of experience. He has been involved in arbitraging and trading fuel oil cargoes from the USGC, Europe, Mediterranean and AG into Asia. His knowledge in blending and understanding in both operations and trading will be a valuable contribution to the team. His exposure working with National Oil Company, Major Oil Company and Trading Houses allow him to better understand the different cooperate culture and built better working relationships.
In Trescorp Singapore office, he will be managing fuel oil and bunker business within the Arab Gulf and South East Asia.
He graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute Technology (RMIT) in Australia with a Bachelor of Business in Business Administration with majoring in Finance.

Maruyama Nariyuki

Trading Manager

Nari applies his wealth of involvement in hydrocarbon industries, across the entire supply chain, and experience in project development to identify windows of opportunity, develop the prospects and deliver results in high-pressure, fast-moving environments, whether through trade or investment. Identifying risks and putting in place mechanisms to mitigate or control those risk exposures are another element that he holds dear to ensure profitability and protect the bottom line. He enjoys working as a team in bringing results. Trescorp expects to see him pop up in areas as wildly different as LNG to gasoline, or, an oil terminal development or a gas liquefaction investment. A long-time Singapore permanent resident, multi-culturalism is nothing new.

Wong Shin Ling

Finance Manager

Wong Shin Ling is a highly motivated and driven finance manager with twenty-five years’ commodity finance experience in top-level business banking environments. Being an experienced professional, she is equipped with the business awareness and strategic planning as well as providing financial solutions which help organizations grow financially. Having high numeracy and sound technical skills she makes sure of the smooth flow of products and services delivery and keeping abreast of changes in financial regulations and legislation.

Wong Shin Ling holds a degree in Bachelor of Business in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore. Her strong management skill, attentive to details and an investigative nature is bringing productive changes to the business.

Mohammed Rashid Salim Al Na’abi

Trescorp Oman Branch Office Manager

Mohammed Al Na’abi has over 20 years’ experience within the commodity sector in Oman; mainly within crude oil, steel, bunker, refinery products, mining and LNG within the United Arab Emirates region. He started his career in Itochu for 12 years as a Manager in Business Development Projects and Trade, in the Oman branch and continued in Osaka Oman branch as a Gas Buyer Representative Quality inspector for their LNG cargoes for 7 years. He moved on to Trafigura Oman Branch doing Projects Development between the government institutions and his company. He managed crude oil, mining, refinery products and LNG market within his time in Trafigura.
He is currently managing Trescorp’s Oman office and upcoming projects within the commodities sector.

Royston Wu

Chartering / Broking Manager

Dynamic, self-driven and result-focused with more than 25 years of marine and oil industry, Royston is experienced in terminalling operations /optimizationandcharteringinvesselsforshipboardfueloilblending. He improves logical planning, reporting and chartering operations.
In addition, he is an outstanding international tanker broker covering East of Suez to United States, securing and developing long-term relationship with oils majors and international trading houses.
He holds a Second Mates Certificate of Competency