Naphtha is an oil that is inflammable and contains different hydrocarbons, it is obtained by the process of dry distillation of organic substances such as petroleum, coal or shale. This product may be crude oil or a more refined product such as Kerosene in different regions or industries. The safety data sheet of naphtha indicates that the nature of this product is non-specific. Looking for naphtha in Dubai? One of the world’s best naphtha traders is Trescorp and it is one of those few platforms that have this facility in Dubai for you. Here at Trescorp, we source and store, also blend all those products and grades that are most actively demanded.

Naphtha as a solvent is used as aromatics along with white spirit, benzene, and toluene and mix xylene. At Trescorp, we work with our customers to focus on their needs and hence on the long-term relationships with them. Our product coverage is broad and thus it helps us to take the benefit of this product’s high substitutability. Our team of this product naphtha works with the condensate, gasoline, LPG and crude desks to get the pricing of all the grades and products. It increases to deliver cost-effective and targeted shipments to our customers. Naphtha supplier Dubai is Trescorp at its best.

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