Fuel Oil

Fuel oil is the oil that is used as a fuel in a furnace or an engine. Fuel oil is also called furnace oil, heavy oil or marine oil. It is obtained from petroleum distillation and itself, it is a fraction that can either be a residue or a distillate. There are six fuel grades that have their different numerical specifications. And if you are looking for a fuel oil trader Dubai and that too a competitive one, then Trescorp should be your first choice. Also, a drop in the prices of fuel oil is expected this year as announced by the ministry of energy and industry.

            Trescorp offers the fuel oil that comes with as many uses as possible. It heats the businesses as well as homes and fuels ships, trucks and some of the cars. A tiny amount of electricity can also be produced with fuel oil but it is expensive. For peaking power plants, fuel oil can be used as the backup fuel. At Trescorp, we care about our customers and help them with changing needs according to their demands of the product. The pricing of the product is competitive as per demand. Also, the quality of the product is premium and thus our this product is as promising and reliable as the others.

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